“I love krikstix™. It has really helped me with my neck and shoulders..”  -- Brenda yoga student

History of krikstix™

For many years I have studied Iyengar yoga. In one class, my teacher used wooden dowels with makeshift padding to teach us how to “lift our trapezius” for a headstand. 

When we used them first in a dolphin pose, I felt an immediate release of tension in my traps, decompression in my cervical spine and relief from the TMJ I had been experiencing. I was hooked!
I made my own makeshift set and introduced the wood dowels to my private clients. One of them was so enthusiastic about their helpfulness that when her drapery guy arrived with neck pain she showed him how they worked. He was a non-yogi and felt great relief. It was at that moment Hiroko and Robert Davidow became my business partners and krikstix™ was born.

We wanted to bring a product to market that could be utilized in a multitude of ways that went beyond dolphin pose or what we call the “primary function”.  We made four prototypes to improve its quality, durability and functionality. We sought out patent and trademark protection in the process.

We are now marketing the prop to yoga instructors, physical therapists, personal trainers, and chiropractors.  krikstix™ can be used to refine alignment in inversions; it can be converted into a single stik providing feedback for the body to deepen into asana; and it can be used to therapeutically roll fascia. As we sell more devices, customers are constantly discovering new uses, and one studio owner called it “the most functional prop since the block.”

Stacey Bell
Yoga teacher
Alexander Technique Instructor
CranioSacral Therapist